NXG Youth Motorsports, Inc. is a non-profit 501c3 organization with a multi-faceted, grassroots reach. Our mission is to conduct life-enhancing experiences that develop responsible, disciplined and conscientious youth. NXG exposes youngsters to the educational and vocational aspects of motorsports. Our programs are catalysts for life-skill development--offering youth a positive and safe, hands-on experience in performance driving and racing.


NXG programs:

  • Build confidence and encourage individual improvement

  • Develop cognitive and motor skills through on-track activities

  • Teach applied math and science used in racing

  • Provide proper training in the safe operation of motorized equipment

  • Offer an awareness of, and a connection to, the professional motorsports industry 

NXG Mission


NXG Crew


The staff and crew of NXG Youth Motorsports are extremely valuable and important to the success of the organization. Our knowledgable crew is responsible for maintenance and preparation of all go-karts and equipment to ensure safe operation.  Staff provides the classroom materials and oversees competitions.

A key component of NXG is the recruitment of former students. We currently have 6 crew members who are graduate Nexgeneracers. All of the staff and crew are trained and educated in youth development and motorsports operation.





Charles Wilson began his racing career as an avid go kart racer. He progressed to the professional ranks in Formula Fords, Pro Mazda, Pro Super Vee, late model stock cars and USAC midgets. During the 1980s he served as a test driver for the Dick Simon IndyCar racing team. Charles was a driving instructor for the Skip Barber Racing School, Fast Company, Jim Russell Racing School and Drivetech Stock Car Racing School. From the start of his professional racing in 1984 to the co-founding of Nexgeneracers (NXG), Charles shared a desire to enrich the industry through promoting ethnic diversity. Charles was the director of operations and shared instructor duties for the first four years of NXG. He  succumbed to a battle with cancer in April of 2011, and though he helped in the planning, Charles never saw the NXG Grand Prix Championship Series come to fruition. As a tribute to Charles, in September 2011 the Charles L. Wilson Memorial Cup was presented. This trophy is given annually to a deserving boy or girl who, like Charles, portrayed strong moral character, responsibility and fairness while competing.



Rod became a motorsports enthusiast watching Formula One and Indy Car racing. With an education in engineering and an interest in race car technology, Rod aligned himself with individuals in the racing industry. Using his background in design, Rod spent more than a decade directly involved in motorsports marketing and advertising. He served as onsite promotions director for the Budweiser SuperVee Racing team, and managed racing budgets for MGM Grand, Smith Oil Company, and several automobile dealers. From 1979 to 1990, Rod represented friend and racecar driver Charles Lloyd Wilson  in sponsor negotiations and relations. The two promoted the Skip Barber Racing School from 1988 to 1991. When Formula One came to Indianapolis in 2000, Rod's design firm was selected by the local hospitality committee to design the "look" for the United States Grand Prix. Rod has worked with Indy Car and the Speedway instructing kids during the Indianapolis 500 Festival Kids Day programs. Rod currently serves as Director and Chief Instructor for NXG.




Charles Lloyd Wilson 
(November 2, 1954 - April 8, 2011)

The idea and subsequent development of Nexgneracers (NXG) Youth Motorsports was born out of several years of collaboration between Charles Wilson and Rodney Reid. Their relationship began in 1979 with open-wheel racing and showcasing high-performance vehicles on the west coast. Created in the fall of 1991, it took 15 years to realize the dream of NXG, with the first event at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in September of 2006. From the start of their friendship to the founding of Nexgeneracers, Charles & Rod shared a desire to enrich the lives of young people.

Rodney (Rod) Reid


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